APA Studies Alums

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Anna Lin.

"The Asian Pacific American Studies Program/Minor taught me many things about my history and past as an Chinese American. The program challenged me to think critically about the information that is presented and the importance of owning our narratives. The minor helped me recognize and reflect upon the impact that our community has contributed to this country and the impact it will continue to have for many years to come as we continue to grow daily. My time with the program has inspired me to work for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. I hope to continue my work as an advocate for our community!"

Anna Lin, MSU James Madison College Class of 2020

"The Asian Pacific American Studies (APA Studies Minor) allowed me to explore the history and narratives of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in an academic context that I had never experienced before. Often, our history is overlooked or waved off as scattered moments in time with no connection; this simply isn't the truth. In fact, it's far from it. Our history is deeply intertwined in American History and it IS American History. Without the knowledge of strong AAPI advocates and leaders from the past, I would not be able to understand the complexities that exist in advocacy and organizing that happens today. I currently work for a national nonprofit that is dedicated to the advancement of AAPIs; I'm glad to be a small part of history in action."

Eiley Fong, MSU James Madison College Class of 2019

Eiley Fong.
Kristen Lee.

"The Asian American Studies Specialization offered me the critical lens to challenge my coursework and identity at MSU. Through irreplaceable mentors and a supportive department, I was equipped with the knowledge of the unique experiences of the Asian American community, and acquired the tools to promote social justice in our racialized and gendered social system. The APA classes were a safe space to talk about the stereotypes that hinder Asian Americans, and the peer connections were healthy for my evolving APA identity."

Kristen Lee, MSU College of Journalism Class of 2008

"The Asian Pacific American Studies specialization was one of the most significant aspects of my undergraduate career at MSU. It was an important learning experience for as, as an Asian American, to understand my political and social relationships with the United States, India (and other Asian nations), and the Asian diaspora abroad. Before becoming a part of this program, I didn’t have a strong sense of APA history and identity, and my own placement in American society. But this program is important not only for Asian Pacific American students. The experiences of Asian Pacific Americans are the experiences of Americans, stories that are often left untold in schools, but increasingly relevant as minority populations grow, and as issues of race and culture continue to shape our society. The professors and courses in the program opened my eyes to a wide range of social justice issues that affect Asian Pacific Americans and other minorities today, During my undergraduate years, I participated in research projects, internships, and student organizations that dealt with those same issues, and I will continue to pursue these interests throughout graduate school and my future career as a lawyer."

Monika Kothari, MSU James Madison College Class of 2013

Monika Kothari.