APA Studies Minors

The Asian Pacific American Studies (APA) minors are available to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. There are two versions of the minor: one for students enrolled in the College of Social Science (CSS) who can take the CSS APA Studies minor to fulfill their minor requirement, and one for all other students at MSU.

Students who minor in APA Studies develop a broad understanding of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) history, the impact of global issues on the Asian diaspora, and how issues of race, class, power, and representation continue to shape contemporary life. Knowledge of APA Studies prepares students for employment in a multiracial and multicultural society in which an understanding of racial and cultural differences is increasingly necessary to work with people from various backgrounds. The APA Studies minors incorporate an interdisciplinary approach, including exposure to current research, case studies, and contact with local communities. The APA Studies program works closely with students to ensure their academic development and success.

APIDAs are a diverse group who come from varying class, ethnic, religious, class, and national backgrounds. They include Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Hmong, Korean and Japanese Americans, Native Hawaiians, Samoans, as well as other Asian ethnic and Pacific Islander American groups. APIDA identity has been defined through their shared experiences as minorities in the US which have resulted in pan-ethnic social and political activism but also recognize the varied experiences of different immigrant and indigenous groups. As students learn in APA Studies courses, APIDAs are not marginal to, but an integral part of, US society.

If you are interested in pursuing the APA Studies minors or need to make an advising appointment, please contact:

Brian Egan

Assistant Director, Academic & Student Affairs

E-mail: eganbria@msu.edu

Schedule an appointment with him within MSU's Student Information System (SIS).