HST/MC319 Asian American History

Asian American History (HST/MC 319) is offered every fall. The course is the capstone for the minor in Asian Pacific American Studies within the College of Social Sciences (CSS). Students outside CSS can also take the course to meet one of the minor’s requirements. Students will explore the experiences of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans from the late nineteenth-century to the present, using a range of resources such as historical primary sources, scholarly articles, media reports, and fictional writings. The course encourages students to conduct research, allowing them to ask their own questions and find answers through independent inquiry.  
Sabrina Brogniart.

I wanted to support and learn more about ethnic studies at MSU, so I enrolled in Asian American History (HST/MC319). I don’t regret my decision at all. MC319 is such a great course to take because it was really informative, engaging, and profound. One of the biggest takeaways I learned from the course is the many ways Asian Americans shaped the US economically, politically, and socially. It was wonderful learning about a community that is seldom taught about in K-12 education. In addition, this course helped me land an internship in Washington DC. I highly recommend this course, to both Asians and non-Asian students.

Sabrina Brogniart, Comparative Cultures and Politics Major, Fall 2019 MC 319

I really enjoyed Asian American History (MC 319), I’ve never had an MC class like it. I loved that it was centered around doing our own research for history making and that awareness was given to all types of Asian Americans. I would recommend it because it gives a good perspective for how MSU itself was an active member of history as well as the dynamics between government and people. The different acts that restrict immigration are relevant to so many cases, and studying the Asian American aspect is one we don’t usually consider in history (throughout high school, even in JMC). Some of the court cases we used I’ve been able to use in debate and conversation outside of school.

Jessa Gebbie, Comparative Cultures and Politics, and Chinese Major, Fall 2019 MC 319

Jessa Gebbie.
Nora Teagan.
I learned so much about the history of Asian American community. The course was interactive and allowed for students who had never been exposed to Asian American history to ask questions and learn. I would recommend taking this course to any students, especially those who were raised outside of the Asian American communities. In a typical public school education I learned nothing about this community and the hardships they have endured.
Nora Teagan, International Relations, and Comparative Cultures and Politics Major, Fall 2019 MC 319