Faculty & Staff

The Asian Pacific American (APA) Studies program is the center of a vibrant community of MSU faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. They promote excellence in scholarship and create educational resources related to the APA Studies, and they are recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally for their dedicated work. APA Studies program also offers numerous opportunities for faculty and staff to network, mentor, collaborate, support, and belong. Our programming is driven by community needs and concerns, which makes us a strong advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) both on and off campus. Our faculty and staff ally with marginalized populations outside the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community, as such an alliance is critical for ensuring DEI is achieved across all communities.

The APA Studies faculty members teach in Anthropology, Archeology, Education, English, Film Studies, History, Medical Ethics, Performance Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Writing and Rhetoric. Click the links to view our board members and affiliated faculty and staff.