The Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American/Asian Faculty and Staff Association (APIDA/AFSA) of Michigan State University advocate for the needs of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American/Asian (APIDA/A) faculty, staff, and administrators. APIDA/AFSA welcomes new members to build community and capacity to show our presence on campus and create a positive change for the MSU APIDA/A community.

Our Mission

  • To serve as a collective Asian, Pacific Islander, DESI American/Asian (APIDA/A) voice on matters that impact the APIDA/A community at Michigan State University.
  • To increase the representation and participation of APIDA/A at all levels of the university and aspects of its functioning.
  • To increase awareness amongst the greater university community as well as the APIDA/A community itself of issues and concerns that directly and indirectly impact the APIDA/A community.
  • To advocate on behalf of the APIDA/A Faculty and Staff at MSU.
  • To serve as a resource for APIDA/A and the overall MSU community of students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.
  • To stand and work in solidarity with the Coalition on Race Ethnic Minorities (CoREM) and other MSU affinity groups.

 Current Members for 2022 - 2023 

Please email the Coveners if you are interested in becoming a member.