Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Asian Pacific (APA) Studies Minors?

There are two minors in APA Studies: one for students enrolled in the College of Social Science (CSS) who can take the CSS APA Studies minor to fulfill their minor requirement, and one for all other students at MSU. Both minors focus on social and cultural history, and contemporary issues, relating to Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDAs). APIDA people are a diverse group who come from varying class, ethnic, religious, class, and national backgrounds. Their identity as APIDAs has been defined through their shared experiences as minorities in the U.S. which have resulted in pan-ethnic social and political activism but also recognize the varied experiences of different immigrant and indigenous groups. As a field of academic study, APA Studies aims to broaden the greater student body’s understanding of American history, and issues of race, class, power, and representation. Within this context, APIDA people should be viewed not as marginal to U.S. society, but rather as an integral part of it.

What are the requirements of an APA Studies Minor?

In either the CSS or university minor, each student completes at least 15 credits. In each subject area, there are a broad range of courses to fit your schedule and your major. To see the exact list of class requirements click here.

How will I fit the required courses into my busy schedule?

The APA Studies minors are designed to be flexible. If you plan in advance, you will find that many of the courses can also be used to fill general education or major requirements. You may find that you already took courses that will count towards this minor!

How do I sign up?

Interested students should contact the APA Studies program coordinator who also serves as the advisor. Although you can start taking APA Studies courses at any time, we strongly recommend that you work with the program coordinator or your CSS advisor to ensure that you are taking the correct courses. Certain courses in the minors may require the approval of the department or college that administers the course and enrollment in a specific section as approved by the coordinator of the minor.

Please contact for more information.