APA Medical Student Association

The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) at MSU College of Human Medicine (CHM) hopes to promote education and engagement in the unique health challenges of APIA communities, as well as the sociopolitical issues affecting APIA communities and Asian populations abroad. We aspire to accomplish our vision through organizing networking events with physicians and community leaders, interactive documentary screenings, connecting students with active local organizations, and serving the needs of the local APIA community, all with the hopes of training culturally sensitive and socially responsible future physicians.

MSU CHM APAMSA will be guided by the following motivations:
  •       Explore APIA identity, heritage, history, and struggles
  •       Highlight, unite, and represent diversity
  •       Learn and educate on health care disparities
  •       Enhance cultural humility
  •       Build long-lasting community and connections
  •       Maintain cohesion between Grand Rapids and East Lansing chapters
  •       Improve intersectional APIA representation in current CHM curriculum
  •       Collaborate with other student organizations and administration to address the needs of APIA medical students and community
Contact Information:
Email: Msu.apamsa@gmail.com, IG: @msuchmapamsa
Interim Co-Presidents: Patrick Ancheta (anchetap@msu.edu), Mia Park (parksu73@msu.edu)
Interim Co-Vice Presidents: Conner Lai (laiconne@msu.edu), Tiffie Keung (keungman@msu.edu)